Enhanced Vision Practise - Fabio Pennacchia
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Enhanced Vision Practise



Enhanced Vision Practise

Enhanced Vision is a connetive territory,
an artistic synthesis of the wider project NoMade, Artists on The Move.
In these years of travels and life experience,
I have undestood thet lens are playing a fundamental role
for the strenghtening of a creative network of artist
as well as for the construction of an imaginative space
made of spots, concrete places where we can put in pratice our common vision.

Actually the lenses are in:
1 Rome, Italy [01/11/14] Fabio Pennacchia

2 Uyuni, Bolivia, Chile [05/05/15]  Antonella Castiglione

3 Mar del Plata, Argentina [12/12/14]

4 Mar del Plata, Argentina [29/12/14] Ezequiel Martin Perez

5 Buenos Aires, Argentina [02/02/15] Bruno Krauchik

6 Cuzco, Peru [10/01/15] Cesar Calle Morales

7 Buenos Aires, Argentina [06/02/15]Fundacion tres pinos

8 Rio Negro, Argentina [16/02/15] Here Rajneri

9 Venice, Italy [06/05/15] The Others

10 Habana, Cuba [11/05/15] Mabel Poblet

11 Cuenca, Ecuador [16/05/14] Priscilla Peralta

12 Sonnino, LT, Italy  nomade@cava  [09/09/15] Fabio Pennacchia

13 Quito, Ecuador [22/06/15] Tomas Bucheli

14 Bruxelles, Belgium [08/09/15] Diego Audrey Espindola Claeys

15 Sonnino, Latina, Italy [29/11/15]

16 Hong Hong, China[29/11/15] Ziv Chun

17 Italy [29/11/15] Alessandro Giambartolomei

18 Istanbul, Turkey [11/12/15] Serkan Taycan

19 Casablanca, Morocco [15/12/15] Laura Gorre

20 Zagreb, Croatia [14/02/16] Petra Milovac

21 Paris, France [25/02/16] Flavia Pertuso

22 Paris, France [05/03/16] Sebastian Juy

23 Costa Crociere [08/04/16] Maria Gisa Masia

24 Rome, Italy [16/04/16] Gianmarco Lodi